The school can be nice or hard, but everybody passed through it. These are our experiences about it.

At school I was a bully. (Rudy)

At the high school I liked history and philosophy. (Claudio)

When I was a student I changed school two times because I was rejected. (Gianluca)

When I was a student I suffered because of the bullys. (Alex)

When I was at the High school it was difficult because I was coming from a village and the school was in the city. (Sergia)

When I was a teenager I left the school because I prefered to work. (Mario)

When I was little I didn’t like school because my teacher was too hard. (Wilma)

When I was a student I liked my high school, but I didn’t like the boarding school because I was far from home. (Maria Cristina)

Sometimes I didn’t feel fine at school because I felt lonely. (Simona)

"Hey teacher, leave them kids alone"